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Sustainably Sourced Palo Santo Bundle

Sustainably Sourced Palo Santo Bundle


Three Palo Santo sticks from Ecuador.

Palo Santo "Holy Wood" is a magical and sacred tree, native only to certain areas of South America. Its fragrant smoke has been used for many centuries by shamans in healing, ritual and prayer. 

The collection method of Palo Santo is one of respect and appreciation of the life cycle of these holy trees. Live trees are never cut. Only the fallen trees and branches can be collected and must be allowed to dry and cure for a period of 3-5 years. During this time, a chemical transformation takes place and the sap, once fluid in the living tree, begins to crystallise and form deposits, which is what gives the Palo Santo its orange-gold color and heady scent.

How to use Palo Santo sticks:

This bunch includes 3 sticks of Palo Santo.

The Size of each stick is approximately 10 cm x 1cm x 1cm.

Light the end of the stick with a match and let the flame dance for about 30 seconds before blowing it out. The stick will start to smoke, which usually lasts for about 30 seconds.

Cleanse your body and space by moving the smoke gently around the area. The smoke will attract any unwanted energies and carry them out of the space. 

Make sure you leave a window open nearby to allow the smoke to leave. To extinguish, you can lay the stick in a fireproof dish and it will quickly go out.

This Palo Santo comes from a responsible and ethical source in Ecuador. They work together with the Ecuadorian Government to ensure sustainable growth and harvesting of the Palo Santo trees and to put time and effort towards reforestation projects in the area. In addition to helping preserve the environment, the sustainable sourcing of Palo Santo has allowed the training of local artisans who work in the entire process of production of Palo Santo products in Ecuador.