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Sustainably Sourced Pressed Palo Santo
Sustainably Sourced Pressed Palo Santo
Sustainably Sourced Pressed Palo Santo

Sustainably Sourced Pressed Palo Santo


Palo Santo "Holy Wood" is a magical and sacred tree, native only to certain areas of South America. Its fragrant smoke has been used for many centuries by shamans in healing, ritual and prayer. 

The collection method of Palo Santo is one of respect and appreciation of the life cycle of these holy trees. Live trees are never cut. Only the fallen trees and branches can be collected and must be allowed to dry and cure for a period of 3-5 years. During this time, a chemical transformation takes place and the sap, once fluid in the living tree, begins to crystallise and form deposits, which is what gives the Palo Santo its orange-gold color and heady scent.

How to use pressed Palo Santo:

Each box contains 4 rounds of incense.

The Size of each incense round is 5 cm x 1.5cm.

The burning duration of each round is 25 minutes, however it can be split into 2 or 3 parts to be used at different times or in different spaces.

Light the incense with a match, making sure it is safely contained in a fireproof dish. Let the flame dance before blowing out or letting it go out naturally. The incense will start to smoke. Make sure you leave a window open nearby to allow the smoke to leave the space. To extinguish, you can carefully remove the lit part of the incense. 


This Palo Santo comes from a family run business in Peru. They work together with the Ministry of Agriculture of Peru to ensure sustainable growth and harvesting of the Palo Santo trees and to put time and effort towards reforestation projects in the area.