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Elite Shungite Piece
Elite Shungite Piece
Elite Shungite Piece

Elite Shungite Piece


One piece of raw Elite Shungite from Russia.

Shungite is a rare mineral found in one place in the world; Karelia, Russia. It is the only known natural source of Fullerenes, which are pure carbon molecules that help bind toxins and radiation.

They protect our cells from the incredibly high levels of electromagnetic pollution that we are exposed to. Shungite is said to* purify water, boost our immune system, block unwanted energies including electromagnetic frequencies, bacteria, viruses and toxins. It balances the root chakra, helping us to feel grounded and secure whilst raising our energy levels and encouraging mental clarity. It’s the most incredible stone for energetic cleansing and protection.


I will intuitively select a piece for you. 

Approx weight: 25-35g or 40-50g

*Disclaimer: use of Shungite is not a substitute for professional medical care and nothing herein constitutes medical advice. Information given should not be used to treat any illness or medical condition without prior consultation with your doctor or medical health professional.