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Autumn Live Sale

Glass Cube Sphere Holder

Crystal Accessories

Custom Listings

Custom Listings


Destash Listings

These listings are for crystals adopted from the @crystal.and.sage.destash Instagram account. You are able to add this listing to your cart and then continue shopping on the website (for example you can then add a Live Sale listing to your cart and checkout both listings at the same time).
Discovery Bundle 1

Discovery Sale Bundles

Continuing our studio clear out sale with a few bundles! These are very heavily discounted crystals for you or your loved ones to discover at home. Each bundle has many different crystals inside. See videos of the bundles in our Instagram Stories and Highlights.

Feb 28th Live

Gemstone Bracelet - Amazonite and Clear Quartz

Gemstone Bracelets

Crystal + Sage Gift Card

Gift Cards


Jan 30th + Feb 1st Lives


June 6th + 11th Live Sale


Live Sale April 30th + May 1st

Live Sales

Live Sales

Sacred Smoke

Sacred Smoke


Summer Live Sale Part 1


Summer Live Sale Part II

Winter Bundles

I have created a few beautiful crystal bundles. They are on Instagram under the "Bundles" Highlight. If you would like to claim one, come to this collection and select the bundle you want. Then checkout as normal! x

Winter Live 22nd Nov


Winter Live 6th Dec